All American

All American

Lindsay Wanner, St. Louis Artist

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BEST SELLER! This baseball-themed American flag has made its way into the famous Tony Orlando's personal wall of fame, as it is currently on display next to his Congressional Medal of Honor and Entertainer of the Year awards! 

You can get your very own handmade American flag with baseball bats as the stripes and baseballs as the stars. The piece is 70" x 43" and makes a real statement in any room, office, or business.  

Or treat yourself to an actual 3' x 5' flag with the artwork printed on it! (Flag is a separate product on the home page.)

*Please allow for a 2-4 week turnaround time for your flag. My turnaround time is influenced by my current workload and schedule. This price does not include shipping. If you live in the St. Louis Metro area, I'll deliver it to you at no cost. We will need to arrange shipping for out of towners. This is a large, heavy item and requires freight transit. Many customers have used successfully and shipping rate is usually around $350.

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